Along with providing our clients with qualitative medical equipment and medications, we are committed to offering additional services that may be helpful when dealing with one or other health conditions. As of now, West Val Pharmacy guarantees you the next options:

  • Medication Therapy Management MTM       

Our staff and pharmacists are well-trained and certified for Medication Therapy Management or else called MTM care. Basically, this service is a designated initiative aimed to enhance outcomes by making people aware of their health conditions and related medications that can be used to affect the problem positively. The licensed pharmacists only can organize such counseling. We firmly believe that it is people who make the experience worth customers’ while, and this is how we create a space centered around shoppers’ needs. Call us to get to know more. Call us to get to know more.

  • Prescription Compounding

Since 1959, we know inside out of all the medications distributed with us and dispensed for sale in other pharmacies. Many patients struggle from a poor drug administration, intolerance, contraindications, and allergies that can be prevented by a strict following the instructions and previous consultation with a doctor. We know what you need, and are ready to guide you through the whole process of purchasing the medications at Happy Family pharmacy. Starting from the availability of the affordable analogs ending with your refills or prescription transfer.

  • Immunizations

As of now, we can offer travel immunizations (flu shots) that are available from Monday to Friday at 10:00 am till 5:00 pm. Then, we do have Zoster vaccine for preventing shingles, Gardasil vaccine for preventing cervical cancer, pneumococcal, tetanus, typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Hepatitis A+B (Twinrix), Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (D.P.T), Meningitis (Menactra), MMR, and Polio vaccines. Besides, for special order only we have Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies vaccines that can be available after requesting straight the next day.

Our Mission

If after acknowledging our standard service, you think that’s it, do not hurry up. As our main mission, we do our best to make our clients’ experience easy and convenient. Accordingly, West Val Pharmacy has a home and office deliveries. Choose the option and receive your parcel straight at your door. Then, we organize seasonal hot deals and are ready to set a discount for your long-hoped product with us. As far as, the manufacturers are the ones who establish the prices, we have a trick to affect them during the holidays. Find your added to the cart wheelchair with a 30% discount. Otherwise, enjoy the bargain-priced products you use every day. And, if you seek the chance to save more, see FDA website for methods of disposing of unused medicines.

Please note, if you need to fill a prescription, we do it from California only. No out of California prescriptions are not accepted.