West Val Diabetic Supplies

At West Val Pharmacy we have a reliable and safe supply for patients who struggle and live with diabetes. As far as this problem is very popular within the segments of the population, we work on providing pharmaceutical and medical care at the most advantageous prices. Please make sure, you do have a valid prescription for some of the products. Otherwise, refer to otc medications and medical equipment. Today, we have in stock the next items.

  • Insulin Syringes

This instrument is a must-have that should be at all times at hand. Patients with this disease cannot properly produce insulin thus they inject it manually to keep control over the amount of sugar in their bloodstream. BD, Easy Touch, SureComfort, Advocate are one of the trusted producers of syringes. Please if requesting the particular brand, contact our team in advance.

  • Diabetes Test Stripes

Or else called glucose test stripes are aimed to monitor the glucose level. Place blood on the strip, and let the meter provide you with a reading. Otherwise, we have test stripes that do not need glucose meter. You put blood on the active part and after that, you can wipe it off. The reagent will make a strip change the color, and the result is a color matching the particular level from the provided chart. Note, the last option is cheap but less accurate. Consult one of our pharmacists to choose the best option for your health condition.

  • Insulin Pump Supplies

Continuous injections make you feel uncomfortable? Use pump supplies. It consists of a pump with controls, battery, and a processing module. You have to insert under the skin a reservoir inside the pump. Inside of it, there is insulin and it comes from an infusion set.

  • Pen Needles

This option for those who cannot stand much pain. Compared to the insulin syringe counterparts, you feel less pain because the pen needles are small and thin.

  • Diabetes Pet Care

Upon the request, we provide our clients with supplies for diabetic pet care. There are insulin syringes, test strips, meter, glucose monitoring starter kits, and many more.

Please note, we offer refills for diabetes medications but we do work only with the prescriptions issued in California. No other prescriptions are accepted and proceed with West Val Pharmacy.