If the mobility of a patient can be affected somehow using designated medical equipment, daily routine tasks may turn out to be a challenge. For such needs, West Val Pharmacy can offer potential buyers patients aid products that will make accomplishing of the ordinary tasks become easier and with no trouble. For your convenience, here is a list of a few items that may satisfy your consumer’s needs. If you require other products, please visit our store or call us to follow-up with your request.

Tilting Overbed Table

Tilting silver vein base table can be adjusted into different positions starting from 28.25 inches up to 44.75 inches. The material is walnut wood. The overbed table has 2-inch locking swivel casters.

Digital Exercise Peddler

Rehabilitation therapeutics always involve exercise. Of course, we do not speak of the necessity to become a bodybuilder. However, some movements are more than essential. Our exercise peddler will help you to enhance your mobility and feel the power in the extremities.

Hospital beds

There is a wide range of movable and transformable beds for patients. Along with them, buyers may choose extra accessories.

Vehicle Lifts

Do not have a designated lift for a wheelchair? Not a problem, find the equipment aimed to ease this process and feel independent from others.

Other items are bedpan, emesis bags, multi-use containers, disposable blankets, infusion sets, blood tube holders, blood collection tubes, wipes, facial tissues, multi-sample needles, thermometers, and many more.