Every person has a right to eat, drink water, sleep, and live in a safe and healthy environment. These are the basic rights but some of the activities may hide obstacles and danger, especially for people with poor mobility or disability. Thus, if speaking of public places there should be designated platforms, modules. And, the same concerns your house, there should be specialized bathroom aids to provide you with convenient and proper hygiene. For such needs, West Val Pharmacy offers multiple options for your bathroom at the bargain prices.


This is an essential part of any bathroom, there we hide many cosmetics, bath and shower products, and other necessary items. People who require extra care can put there padded seats, drop arms, and more. Thanks to lots of drawers, you can sort the goods according to your needs. The same, buyers may decide on color, size, and shape.

Toilet Seat with Frame 

Light construction allows you to move it away whenever you do not find it necessary. Otherwise, there are rubber fixers that do not move until you decide so. The assortment is represented in various colors. The material is light aluminum.

Grab Rails

This solution will be a perfect choice even for people with good mobility. Sometimes, we are all at risk of falling on the slippery floor. Thus, fix the grab rails around the shower or your bath, and grab them whenever you need extra support.

Slatted Bath Board

When you have problems with your back, you should avoid bending as much as possible. However, cleaning yourself is a vital part of a daily routine. Fix the slatted bath board, and clean yourself without any sudden and quick movements.

Floor protection mat

For slippery floors, put the protection mat and wash assured no moisture can make you fall and break anything. There are rubber and textile mats that come in various colors.

Bath Step

No need for renovation if your bath is too high to get there. Buy bath step and use it even for reaching high shelves.

This is just an approximate list of our products for bathroom aid, please visit our store or call us to get to know more.